About Us

The Global Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, Technical Center Pvt. Ltd. is one of the internationally leading hospitality
training institutes. It is affiliated aloha tubes wizard of oz free slots casino to C.T.E.V.T. and was established in 2008.The institute is located in the heart of the city of Kathmandu, Nepal at Minbhawan-34.

We are much more than a mere institute because we offer individual practical classes and part time temporary employment at a 5 Star Hotel during the training period. In addition we offer industrial training (Internship) and provide visits to different 5 Star Hotels.

All these activities allow the trainees to realize their full potentials and become quickly acquainted with the work environment.

Many people are unemployed because of lack of academic certification and attractive and skillful training opportunities. Keeping these things in mind, Global aims to train their interns under expert and efficient supervision in order aloha tubes wizard of oz free slots casino to produce skilled and qualified graduates so that they will be able to sustain themselves independently.

Global also distinguishes itself within the competitive hospitality market place with a number of full services that are compulsory to the trainee. These courses are designed to accommodate the trainee’s own career aspirations with the principle of “Learn and Earn” and offer a new breed of innovative and skilled talent in the field of hotel and hospitality management.