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Courses Duration
Cook(continental, Indian and Chinese) 1170hrs(9 months)
Cook (continental, Indian and Chinese) 1170hrs+624hrs(12 months) Level-2
Cooking and Baking 298hrs+494hrs=792hrs(6 months)
Bakery and pastry 390hrs+624hrs=1014hrs(6months)
Continental Cook 390hrs(3months)
Indian cook 390hrs(3months)
Chinese cook 390hrs(3months)
F&B service(waiter/waiters) 810hrs(650hrs+160hrs O.J.T)(6months)
F&B service(waiter) captain 1482hrs(650hrs+832hrs O.J.T) level-2
Bartender 1017hrs(390hrs+624hrs)(6m) level-2
Barista(coffee making) 140hrs
Front office(bell boy) 390hrs(390hrs+624hrs)(6 months)
House Keeping 1014hrs(390hrs+624hrs)(6months)
Care Giver 390hrs(3 months)
Small Hotel & Lodge Assistant 390hrs(3months)
Hotel Management(College+2) 78hrs
Special course As for demand
In service course(only chef) 48hrs